• smileEnhancement Smile Enhancement
    Esthetic crown lengthening, also known as gum recontouring or a “gum lift”, can instantly provide a new beautiful smile by exposing hidden tooth structure buried under excessive gum tissue. This allows patients to show off their new smile within minutes of the procedure. The doctors at the Florida Institute for Periodontics and Dental Implants have Continue Reading...
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  • south-florida-implants Dental Implants
    Dental implants are titanium anchors used to permanently replace teeth that are missing, cannot, or should not be saved. Dental implants themselves serve as tooth root replacements to support caps, bridges, or dentures. Developed in the 1960’s, modern dental implants revolutionized dentistry and have become the standard of care for replacement of missing or soon Continue Reading...
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  • south-florida-periodontist Periodontal Therapy
    Periodontitis or periodontal disease is a bacterially induced progressive chronic gum infection that destroys bone and tissue that support teeth. It begins as a mild inflammation of the gums with little or no perceived symptoms. If left untreated, the disease will progress and bone destruction begins which can ultimately lead to tooth loss. According to Continue Reading...
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  • galleryImage Gallery
    See our gallery with “before” and “after” pictures from our treatments and procedures....
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Do you have gum disease ?

Many Americans unknowingly suffer from periodontal (gum) disease at some point in their lives. Although the progression of gum disease is traditionally slow, when it is untreated it can lead to tooth loss, gum recession, and raise your risk for other chronic illnesses. However, gum disease can go undetected for several months or years until the patient begins to feel loose teeth or moderate to severe pain, which is indicative of an advanced disease stage.

Say STOP to Periodontal Disease with New Laser Gum Surgery

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Dental Implants

Our doctors have vast experience in the placement of dental implants. They have lectured nationally and internationally on implants, taught and mentored other doctors, and published numerous articles on dental implants.

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